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14 Durable Lunch Boxes That’ll Last More Than One Year

Popular items from the list include:

  • A Hydro Flask lunch box to accompany your Hydro Flask water bottle.

  • A Bentgo Kids Chill lunch box boasting a built-in ice pack tray to keep food fresh until lunchtime ~and~ compartments to prevent food from touching and getting soggy to satisfy your picky eaters.

  • Or a Yumbox for a mess-free lunch. This leakproof bento lunch box has labeled sections featuring the different food groups to remind you to pack a well-balanced meal for your growing child.

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A Hydro Flask lunch box

Available in two sizes and six colors.

Promising review:
“Fits Hydroflask and their brand wonderfully! Quality is great, it is very durable, and it holds most reusable meal kit containers!! I can usually fit one container, one ice brick, and one can soda with room left over! An ice brick last all day in this lunch box! I highly recommend this if you want a compact but durable lunch box that will keep stuff cold all day long!” — Devin Stephens


A Bentgo Kids Chill lunch box boasting a built-in ice pack tray

Available in eight colors.

Promising review:
“I did a ton of research before buying a lunch box to send my one-year-old to daycare with… I’ve now used the Bentgo Kids Chill every weekday for the past six months and it still looks brand new. It’s incredibly easy to clean in the sink too. I love that it’s dishwasher safe, but it only takes a few seconds to wash and dry by hand. The sizes of the compartments are perfect; great portion sizes and also easy for my daughter to access with her little fingers. The freeze tray is so easy to insert and the latch for the lunchbox is also pretty straightforward and simple to close. I’d much rather the lunchbox have a secure/ tighter latch than worry that it’s going to open up inside her schoolbag.” — Allie H.


Or a Yumbox for a mess-free lunch

Available in ten colors.

Promising review:
“We absolutely love this lunchbox. My daughter started first grade and I couldn’t wait to try this lunchbox out (it’s the little things in life!). I love the separate compartments — they keep me organized and remind me of items I should be packing in my daughter’s lunch. I also love the durability of this lunchbox. My daughter has dropped it a couple times and it’s stayed intact! It’s also easy for her to open which increases her independence during lunch (which I’m sure adults at her school appreciate!). This lunchbox is also leakproof. I’ve put hummus, applesauce, and yogurt in the lunchbox and it hasn’t leaked.

But my favorite feature of all is how easy it is to clean. Hallelujah! Anything to make my life easier fills me with joy. I’ll be buying another one when my youngest enters school.” — Megan

A Carhartt lunch box

Available in five colors.

Promising review:
“So far, my husband is loving it! He previously used an Igloo lunchbox from Target and had it for years but as soon as we noticed the zipper breaking, we knew we had to search for another. So after searching on Amazon, we came across this one, and let me tell you…durability 10/10, sturdiness 10/10, no complaints whatsoever! It’s the perfect size! Same as the one he had previously (which I attached the photo for comparison) and from what it looked like, a lot of the others we saw on here were HUGE compared to what we wanted so I’m glad we came across this one! Definitely carries the brand name well!” — Wendy

A stackable lunch box equipped with utensils

Available in seven colors.

Promising review:
“I use this Bentgo product everyday for work and I absolutely love it. I think it’s innovative, fun, and easy to use. Plus, it keeps me on track to pack proper lunch portions. I love the fact that its usable and I am not wasting any paper or plastic products! Healthy for me and the environment! It is very study and durable, and I see many years of use out of this. It is a tremendous value and so happy I found it. Bringing lunch for me has been such a chore, with bringing different little containers, and carrying a grocery bag to work was just a pain. Everything fits into one Bentgo box and I love it. I value good design and craftsmanship, and this in my opinion is beautifully done!” — Pietro

An insulated lunch bag

Available in 15 colors.

Promising review:
“This lunch box is great. The insulation works really well, has nice zippers and storage space, and the shoulder strap is even comfortable enough to carry for a few hours. I use this every day and I can fit everything I need for a day’s work in it easily. The bag stretches fairly well and is durable. I’ve had it for about a year now and it’s held up really well. 10/10 would recommend” – Brandon G

A purse lunch box

Available in 11 colors.

Promising review:
“It is functional, durable, easy to clean, and just the right size . I get compliments on it, also. I looked a lot before I got it. I made the right choice.” – Cindy L Freeborn

A recycled plastic lunch bag

Available in two colors and in three sizes.

Promising review:
“Lightweight but sturdy and durable. It folds up flat when not in use making it easy to store. I like the fact that it is made from recycled plastic. I expected it to look and feel like plastic, but it doesn’t. It looks and feels like it is made from heavy-duty canvas. Great colors. I like the slightly larger size. I am very pleased with this bag.” — dsjsws


A two-temperature bento lunch box

Available in nine colors.

Promising review:
“I have been wanting to get my son (4.5yo) an Omiebox for a year or two but I wasn’t sure about the price. Well, I bit the bullet & ordered him the Omiebox and utensil bundle since he’s consistently taking his lunch to school and taking care of his lunch box. We LOVE it! It’s easy to clean, doesn’t leak, and is super durable. It’s the only bento-style lunch box I’ve found that ACTUALLY keeps hot stuff hot and it’s easy enough for him to open and close” — Brittany

A Yeti day trip packable lunch bag

Promising review: “I work in construction and I take this bag with me everywhere I go. Very durable. Holds just enough food for my work day. I pack two sandwiches, a16 ounce soda, a bottled water, banana, orange, and a bag of small chips” — Luis Marchan


An old school Igloo lunch box

Available in five colors.

Promising review:
“Durable, bigger inside than expected. Keeps lunch cold all day with the addition of ice packs. Very satisfied.” — Jodi F.


A backpack lunch box.

Promising review: “My daughter loves her lunch box, it’s easy to clean, good amount of space & very durable. Excellent quality” — AMm


A tactical lunch box

Available in four colors.

Promising review:
“This is a great buy. Very durable, big enough for big items with lots of great pockets. Love the coffee cup pocket!” — Dianne Cutten


A humorous lunch box

Promising review: “I bought this for my boyfriend who is an Army Medic. He takes it to work every day and his soldiers get a kick out of it! It keeps food cold for hours and is very durable. It holds quite a bit of food – haven’t been unable to fit anything desired as of yet. I was worried that white would stain easily, but so far, it has cleaned really easily. Great lunchbox!” — Serpensortia

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