Anupamaa Actress Rupali Ganguly’s Latest Reel Is For All The ‘Pretty, Wonderful’ Women

Published By: Chirag Sehgal

Last Updated: August 08, 2023, 15:45 IST

Rupali Ganguly plays the role of Anupama in the hit TV show. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Anupamaa star Rupali Ganguly shared a delightful video dancing to Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta’s song.

Rupali Ganguly, renowned for her role in the hit television show Anupamaa has once again captured the hearts of fans with her recent Instagram reel. The actress, who has been a pivotal part of the series since its inception, took to social media to share a delightful video that has since set the internet abuzz. The video features the talented actress gracefully grooving to the iconic tune of ‘Pretty Woman.’ However, it wasn’t just her dance moves that left viewers spellbound. Rupali Ganguly’s expressive face conveyed a tapestry of emotions, adding depth and authenticity to her performance. With flawless precision, she lip-synced the lyrics, effortlessly capturing the essence of the song while infusing it with her own unique charm.

Clad in a peach chikankari kurta, Rupali’s appearance radiated elegance. Her cascading open hair and subtle, natural makeup perfectly complemented the outfit. Delicate pearl dangles added a touch of sophistication, completing the graceful look. The actress shared the clip with a heartwarming caption, “This one’s dedicated to all the Wonderful Women out there! ❤”

Fans flooded the comment section with love and admiration, showering the Anupamaa star with compliments. One enamoured follower wrote, “This is so beautiful,” while another affectionately addressed her as “Anupama Ji.” Praising her exceptional expressions, another fan commented, “Your expressions are too good,” echoing the sentiments of many who were captivated by Rupali’s performance.

Speaking of the show Anupamaa, the upcoming episode is poised to deliver a gripping twist. Vanraj will confront Anupama, urging her to step out of her house. With a heavy heart, he confesses his inability to embrace Kavya’s child. Furthermore, he dares to broach the topic of his past betrayal with Anupama. In response, Anupama wisely advises that they refrain from revisiting history and instead focus on the present. She extends her counsel to Vanraj, encouraging him to prioritize Kavya’s well-being. Adding to the complexities, Anupama also tells Anuj that Ankush is wrong.

Anupamaa features an ensemble cast including Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna, and Sudhanshu Pandey in lead roles. The show, which also boasts a talented supporting cast including Madalsa Sharma Chakraborty, Sagar Parekh, Nidhi Shah, Ashish Mehrotra, Muskaan Bamne, and Ashlesha Sawant, continues to captivate audiences with its engrossing storyline and exceptional performances.

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