Kanye West comes out as a ‘hero’ for chivalry

Photo Kanye West comes out as a hero

One of the dancers, who worked for Kanye West’s Splendour in the Grass 2011 in Australia, has made detailed confessions about the hidden aspect of Kanye’s personality, reported Hip Hop DX.

A clip has been surfacing on the internet since 17th November in which an Australian ballerina confessed about an incident where Kanye saved her from being sexually harassed.

The incident occurred during the after-party at Kanye’s penthouse. 

In the now-viral video, the female artist said that crew members of Kanye’s show tried to harass her on the veranda of Kanye’s penthouse.

In due time, Kanye, who was inside his penthouse doing some work on his laptop, dropped in and asked the harassers to step back.

As per the video, the ballerina quoted Kanye’s words, “She said no, so stop asking her to do it alrig 

ht?”Inspired by this gentleman’s move of Kanye, the female dancer repeatedly referred to him as “Mr. Kanye West” in the confessional.

She said, “Of all the crazy headlines that always go up about Mr. Kanye West, I will always have a personal soft spot for him.”

“I genuinely think he’s a good dude and that’s because of a personal experience I had with him.”

As fans will know, Kanye West has suffered a major setback in his music career due to his continuous antisemitic remarks and praise for Hitler. 

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