Matthew McConaughey and Jason Bateman remember one silly incident

Matthew McConaughey and Jason Bateman remember one silly incident

Technology glitches could be embarrassing. Ask Jason Bateman, who faced one when he was about to interview Matthew McConaughey two years ago.

Fast-forward to now, the duo remembered the ‘tech hiccup’ while appearing on the Smartless podcast, also featuring Will Arnett and Sean Hayes.

Reflecting on the years-prior incident, the Ozark star was heard having a “full meltdown,” which he admitted was “not one of his prouder moments.”

“I don’t see it here in the sound thing,” he said in the then-cancelled recording, “so let’s just cancel”.

Fuming over the technical difficulties, he said, “Let’s reschedule this thing. I’m in a total ***** tailspin.”

Unknown to The Arrested Development star, Matthew was listening to his rant, which drew a stream of laughter from him — much to the chagrin of Jason.

“Who the ** is that? Great, that’s helpful,” he said.

However, luckily, the Monday’s podcast went smoothly, where the Interstellar star opened up about his efforts to avoid paparazzi.

“Is there value to having two tinted black Suburbans when you leave, and the paparazzi follow because they don’t know which one you’re in, and you sneak in the back, and you’re not seen? Yes,” the actor added.

“Is there value to wearing the same thing out every single day so every paparazzi shot looks like it was the same day so that it will lose value? Yes. Is there value to go: Where is he? I don’t know where they are! I can only go spend time with them when they come out in a movie in the theater. Yes.”

“I just tried that for a little bit, a very short amount of time. I was like, ——–, this is too much work!”

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