Priyanka Chopra shares her experience of acting in a ‘pretty hateful’ movie

Priyanka Chopra shares her experience of acting in a ‘pretty hateful’ movie

Priyanka Chopra has recently shared her experience of acting in a “pretty hateful” movie.

In a recent video shared by Prime Video India on YouTube, PeeCee could be seen taking a lie detector test as she replied answers to some “interesting questions”.

The Quantico actress was asked about a movie that she hated acting in it. To this, PeeCee responded, “I can’t tell you what movie it was but I can tell you the experience was pretty hateful.”

The Baywatch star continued, “I used to just wait around for hours. My lines made no sense.”

“I was constantly a damsel, which I am kind of not. So, it was tough,” confessed the Sky is Pink actress.

In the clip, Peecee also replied to a question on whether she snores in her slumber: “My husband Nick Jonas tells me I do, but I deny it. I don’t snore.”

Later, the actress was made to choose between Jonas Brothers and Harry Styles and she answered, “The band versus one person? The Jonas Brothers, are you kidding?”

PeeCee also disclosed that she prefers “parathas” over “burgers” anytime, adding, “I had three parathas in this morning.”

Moreover, Priyanka was questioned, “Who is the mole in Citadel.”

The actress stated, “I can’t tell you. It’s above my pay grade.”

In the end, the host threw a curveball at the Citadel actress, asking, “Hollywood or Bollywood?”

PeeCee didn’t respond to this question and was just seen “giggling”.

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