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Trump brags he had “intelligence” about “illicit details” of French president’s sex life: report

Among the information that was seized at Mar-a-Lago was a document about French President Emmanuel Macron. And according to Donald Trump it was about his sex life, Rolling Stone reported on Monday evening.

The report cited two sources that Trump has had a “tawdry” interest in Macron for years and even bragged recently that he knew “illicit details about the love life” of Macron.

“The former president even claimed that he learned about some of this dirt through ‘intelligence’ he had seen or been briefed on,” these sources told Rolling Stone.

It’s unknown if any of that was among the documents taken from the FBI search at Mar-a-Lago, though on the list was something that involved information on the French president. It simply wasn’t specific about the details.

“But the mere revelation of its existence triggered a trans-Atlantic freakout,” sources told the magazine. It was enough for those who heard Trump talk about Macron to recall his brag about knowing the “naughty” ways of the world leader that “[not] very many people know”

The report explained that officials on both sides of the Atlantic were trying to figure out what Trump had on Macron. There are further questions about why Trump would steal such documents when he left the White House unless it was to use it.

“The officials in both nations wanted to know if this discovery signified some kind of national-security breach — or if it amounted to a frivolous, but stolen, keepsake,” said Rolling Stone.

See the full report at Rolling Stone.

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