“What The F*ck, It’s Actually Mental”

Anne-Marie Has A Shocked Reaction Hearing Her Song’s Blunt Lyrics: “What The F*ck, It’s Actually Mental” (Picture Credit: Bang Showbiz)

Anne-Marie is shocked when she hears her own blunt lyrics back in a different context.

The ‘Psycho’ hitmaker bares her soul on upcoming new album ‘Unhealthy’ on tracks like ‘Kills Me To Love You’ and ‘Obsessed’ and she admitted what she’s written doesn’t always sink in until someone else mentions the lines to her.

Anne-Marie told the ‘Zach Sang Show’ podcast: “When you sing this stuff, it doesn’t sound as harsh, and then you say it and I’m like, ‘Holy s***, I said that in a song!’ What the f***, it’s actually mental! [laughs]”

Anne-Marie admitted that the studio is an environment where she can unload and sing things she wouldn’t usually say “in real life”, but then the songs go out into the world.

She said: “”When you’re in the studio, you actually just say loads of s*** that you wouldn’t normally say in real life, and then you have interviews with people and they say it in real life and you’re like, maybe I should go and see my therapist.”

However, the 32-year-old singer was keen to point out that “every single song is reality”, which comes from her musical influences.

She added: “I grew up listening to Alanis Morrissette and Eminem, people that weren’t scared to say anything, you know?

“I grew up and then I started writing record, and I tried the whole, ‘I’m going to the club and I’m gonna get high’, but it killed me soul.

“I was like, what am I actually trying to say? What do I wanna say? And then went back into that Alanis Morrissette, Eminem, Kendrick [Lamar], Lauren Hill – all those kinds of people who say stuff. I was like, I have to write about what I’m going through, there’s no other way.”

Anne-Marie prefers to write about things as she’s going through them, while she revealed she struggles to write a typical love song.

Speaking about ‘Kills Me To Love You’, she laughed: “I always write about bad experiences, and try and make them funny. That’s what I try and do. This time, I was like, I wanna write a love song but I can’t write a love song.”

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