Actress Shanaya Sharma Opens Up About Meeting Her Favourite Singer B Praak

Shanaya Sharma got candid about meeting Teri Mitti singer B Praak.

Shanaya Sharma recently met up with the Shershah fame singer B Praak.

Popular actress Shanaya Sharma, known for her roles in hit Starplus show “Chandranandini,” “Fear Files,” “Kaisa Nasha,” and several other television shows, recently opened up about her memorable meeting with the renowned singer B Praak. In a conversation, Shanaya expressed her fondness for B Praak’s soulful compositions, despite not being an avid music listener.

Shanaya Sharma, who has also shared the screen with Nishant Malkhani For the T-Series song ‘laare da ki kariye’ and has been a part of several other music videos, spoke highly of B Praak’s talent and down-to-earth nature. The actress revealed that her interaction with him left a lasting impression, and she expressed her admiration for his remarkable skills.

She further added, “Honestly I feel every punjabi song is close to my heart but would definitely like to say that ‘Kya loge Tum’ by Bpraak is my all time favourite.

Adding to her achievements, Shanaya Sharma has recently released a new album song titled “Pachtaoge,” which has captured the hearts of music lovers. Collaborating with the well-known singer Ehsan Asgar, a contestant from Indian Idol fame, Shanaya has created a track that resonates deeply with listeners.

While Shanaya Sharma has made a mark through her memorable roles in television shows and music videos, her versatility and growing popularity have paved the way for exciting future projects. The actress is eagerly looking forward to showcasing her skills in diverse roles that will further solidify her position in the industry.

With her charming persona and exceptional talent, Shanaya Sharma has garnered a loyal fan base. Her role in “Chandranandini” and other popular shows has established her as a versatile actress who can captivate audiences with her impeccable acting skills.

As Shanaya Sharma looks forward to her future endeavors, fans are excited to see her take on diverse roles that will undoubtedly highlight her versatility as an actress. With her talent, dedication, and ever-growing popularity, Shanaya Sharma is poised to make a significant impact in the entertainment industry.

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