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Alan Ruck rains praise on ‘Succession’ writing

Alan Ruck rains praise on ‘Succession’ writing

Alan Ruck opened up about HBO’s critically-acclaimed drama Succession and his Connor Roy character.

During an interview with The New York Times, the 66-year-old said, “Hands down the best writing I’ve ever encountered, week after week,” adding, “But I do think that it’d be fun to move on to something else after playing basically the family [expletive], you know, for what amounted to six years.”

Moreover, the veteran actor delved into his past struggles, where he revealed to do junior characters for cash and to stay relevant.

However, the actor added the landing of Connor Roy’s character in the hit series was a “gift.”

“There were a lot of spotty years where I was just, like, basically making just enough money to stay alive,” adding, “I dreamed about a show like this for years.”

Moreover, British commentator Piers Morgan slammed Succession after the nail-biting change of events.

“Succession without Logan Roy sucks. Got to Ep 7 and really struggling to maintain interest. It’s become vegan TV … missing the hot sizzling meat,” the anchor posted his views on Twitter.

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