American Airlines: Florida-bound American Airlines flight drops 15,000 feet in 3 minutes

A Florida-bound American Airlines flight descended 15,000 feet in three minutes due to possible pressurisation issue, which left passengers “terrified”, media reports said.

American Airlines Flight 5916 departed from Charlotte, North Carolina, with its destination set for Gainesville, Florida. However, during the flight, the plane’s crew alerted the Federal Aviation Administration to a potential pressurization issue, Fox 35 News quoted Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) spokesperson as saying.
Taking to social media, University of Florida professor Harrison Hove, who was onboard the plane shared the harrowing experience.

Sharing photos on X, he said: “I’ve flown a lot. This was scary.” In the photos oxygen masks are seen hanging in the plane with many passengers, including him, trying to breathe with its help.
“Kudos to our amazing flight crew-cabin staff and pilots on American Air 5916. The photos cannot capture the burning smell, loud bang or ear pops,” the caption read.
As per flight records, the biggest drop happened about 42 minutes in and lasted six minutes – the flight descended 18,600 feet.
“Something failed midflight and depressurised the cabin. The burning smell can apparently be attributed to using the oxygen canisters. The wing flaps came out to immediately lower our altitude so there would be more oxygen. It was terrifying but turned out ok.”
He praised flight crew and pilots, saying they kept the passengers “informed and calm.”

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