‘Ant-Man 3’ writer Jeff Loveness reacts to leak allegations

‘Ant-Man 3’ writer Jeff Loveness reacts to leak allegations

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania writer Jeff Loveness have rejected the rumours that he was behind the infamous script leak.

Responding to a Twitter user claiming that the Marvel screenwriter may be the leaker.

The writer quashed the rumours as, “Nah. That’s not me:”

Earlier, Disney was swung into action after Ant-Man 3 script was spotted floating on the internet.

The Marvel tiniest hero’s third instalment’s transcript of 63-page dialogue was leaked, edited, or displayed in a Portuguese web interface.

Moreover, the leaked text was likely “intended for use in subtitles,” as per TorrentFreak, a piracy news website.

In a leaked dialogue introduction, an unidentified individual attributed the text to screenwriter Jeff Loveness and was described as “translated dialogue.”

Interestingly, the Marvel screenwriter also had little clue about superhero franchise phases.

Speaking to Gizmodo, the writer said, “I just saw it as one movie. I’m not part of the inner cabal [of Marvel] that meets underneath the Vatican or something [laughs]. I’m not part of that Volturi vampire enclave or something.”

“I just tried to look at it as ‘Hey, you got an opportunity to write a really fun adventure comedy movie with a compelling villain played by literally the best actor in the world right now.’

Meanwhile, Marvel has roped in Lovemess to pen the Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

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