Anupamaa Learns About Kavya’s Pregnancy; Will She Reveal It To Vanraj?

Anupamaa’s track focuses on her post-marriage life with Anuj.

Kavya is hiding news about her pregnancy from Vanraj, as she thinks that he wouldn’t value it.

Rupali Ganguly’s show Anupamaa is prepping fans for an interesting roller coaster ride. Courtesy of its surprising twists and turns, Romesh Kalra’s directorial has been ruling the television screens and claimed a prominent position on the TRP charts. While we were still trying to get an idea about Anupamaa and Anuj’s (Gaurav Khanna) life post-marriage, there is a big twist awaiting in the upcoming episode. According to a report in Telly Chakkar, the upcoming episode is loaded with interesting revelations, as Anupama comes to know that Kavya is pregnant. In addition, Anupamaa will also realise that Kavya doesn’t want Vanraj to learn about this pregnancy. Kavya is hiding the news, as she believes that Vanraj wouldn’t value it.

If you think that the episode would only focus on Kavya and Vanraj, then you are mistaken. The report reveals that apart from Kavya and Vanraj, Toshu and Kinjal will hook the audiences to their seats. The problems in Kinjal and Toshu’s marriage don’t appear to be solved anytime soon. And finally, Kinjal has made up her mind that she wants to end this marriage. Therefore, Kinjal tells Toshu that she doesn’t want to have a second baby and that she is fed up with his behaviour and has decided to leave the Shah house. Kinjal also tells him that she will live with him until Samar and Dimpy get married. And once the wedding ceremonies are over, she will leave with Pari, as she can’t live with him anymore. Expectedly, Toshu is shocked to learn about her decision and he doesn’t know how to react to this.

In the coming episodes, it would be very interesting to see how the Shah family would react when they come to know about Kinjal’s decision. Presently, Anupamaa’s track revolves around a very interesting narrative. The show focuses on Anupama and Anuj’s life post-marriage. The show left the viewers stunned as they unveiled the twist around Anu’s biological mother Maya, whose entry has been causing obstacles in Anupama and Anuj’s bond. It has resulted in the separation of the lead stars on-screen.

In case you missed it, the previous episode showed that Anupamaa is all set to jet off to the USA to complete her dance course under Malti Devi’s guidance.

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