Ather 450 Apex price, range, features

450 Apex is the most expensive Ather, previews new features that will come on future models.

The Ather 450 Apex was launched in January at Rs 1.89 lakh (ex-showroom, Bengaluru), with its deliveries slated to commence in March 2024. An image shared by Swapnil Jain, co-founder, Ather Energy, captures the Ather 450 Apex ready to roll off the production line. Production of this passion project is taking place at the company’s manufacturing plant in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

  1. Features transparent body panels and exclusive Indium Blue paint
  2. Hits a speedo-indicated top speed of 100kph, peak power output of 7kW
  3. Limited to demand; last Apex to be manufactured in October 2024 

Ather 450 Apex range, top speed

Powering the Ather 450 Apex is the same 3.7kWh battery pack from the 450X, driving a motor rated for 7kW of peak power. The 450 Apex gets a claimed IDC range of 157km in the SmartEco mode. Once the Warp+ mode is engaged, the Apex can climb to 100kph speeds, while doing its first 0-40kph in just 2.9 seconds. However, this special edition Ather 450 is the only e-scooter by the company to do 100kph speeds.

Sticking to the 450 platform, key aspects such as seat height, wheelbase, tyre sizes and ground clearance remain unchanged. A notable introduction with the Apex is an enclosed belt drive system, set to become standard across all future Ather models. However, retrofitting this cover to current models is not feasible. While retaining a familiar exterior, the 450 Apex sports an Indium blue colour for its transparent body panels that offer a glimpse of vibrant orange chassis underneath. 

The talking point about the Ather 450 Apex is the updated regenerative braking system, which will also trickle down to other models down the line. This feature allows the rider to twist the accelerator 15 degrees backward, bringing the e-scooter to a halt without using the brakes. To understand more about this function, you can read our first ride review here or watch our video review here.

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