Barry teams Up With Supergirl, Batman To Take On General Zod

The Flash releases on the big screens on June 16. (Credits: Instagram)

The new trailer offers a brand new look at Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen aka The Flash, who time-travels to save his mother but breaks up the universe instead.

The DC Studios teased fans with the final trailer of The Flash just weeks ahead of the film’s release. The latest and final clip offers a brand-new look at Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen aka The Flash, who in an attempt to save his mother’s life almost ends up breaking the universe. The catastrophic effect of his travel to another timeline prompts him to collaborate with Sasha Calle’s Supergirl and Michael Keaton’s Batman to put up a fierce fight against supervillain General Zod, who makes his return after getting defeated by Superman in Man of Steel.

The action-packed trailer gives a closer look at the impending battle that’s set to take place upon the collision of two worlds. It seems Barry was warned about his power usage to traverse time by Ben Affleck’s Batman as the trailer opens with the two conversing about the dangers of time travel. Even after hearing about the calamity he can create, The Flash, decides otherwise. A glimpse from another timeline shows Barry’s mother alive with a version of him who is yet to receive his powers.

With the jumbled-up chaos, there are plenty of action sequences of Barry along with Supergirl and Keaton’s Batman as they take on General Zod head-on. We get to see a lot of powerful punches and thunderous combat scenes. Toward the end, it seems Barry has helped his alternate version to realize his powers, as they move together with thundering speed on the battlefield. Iconic dialogues and funny puns are packed in abundance to provide comic relief amidst the thrilling war zone.

As the ‘Future Begins’ at an electrifying pace, at one point a distressed Barry asks “Batman what, do we do?” Michael Keaton’s version responds “We try not to die.”

Helmed by Andres Muschietti, The Flash offers two alternate worlds colliding, one where General Zod is threatening annihilation. But this new unusual team of a retired Batman and Supergirl who help to get out of the trapped reality has aptly managed to raise anticipation. A desperate move to change the events of the past alters the future with a catastrophic effect, which gives DC fans plenty of action to watch out for.

The Flash releases on the big screens on June 16.

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