Boeing asks airlines to inspect cockpit seats of 787 after Latam Airlines mishap

NEW DELHI: Boeing has advised airlines to inspect cockpit seats of 787 Dreamliners following an incident during a flight from Sydney to Auckland where a plane reportedly experienced a sharp drop, causing injuries to passengers aboard Latam Airlines Flight 800.
Boeing had earlier said that it was in contact with Latam and expressed readiness to support investigations into the Flight 800 incident.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Boeing recommended the inspection after unnamed US industry officials disclosed that the incident resulted from a mishap involving a flight attendant accidentally activating a switch on the pilot’s seat, causing the pilot to move into the controls.
In a memo obtained by the Wall Street Journal, Boeing outlined the potential risk of a loose rocker switch cap jamming the rocker switch, leading to unintended seat movement.
This incident comes as Boeing continues to grapple with safety concerns regarding its planes following a cabin panel blowout on an Alaska Airlines flight involving a new 737 Max 9 jet in January. Regulators grounded 171 Max 9 aircraft for several weeks and ongoing inspections of Boeing’s production line are underway.
Boeing’s CEO, Dave Calhoun, acknowledged the significant challenge the company faces in restoring confidence among officials and airlines.

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