Box-truck crashes into White House security barriers, no injuries

A driver of a box truck U-Haul was arrested as he crashed into the security barriers near the White House Monday night no injuries were reported however, no injuries occurred as a result, according to US Secret Service.

The Secret Service believes that it was an intentional crash.

As per the Reuters reports, investigators found a Nazi swastika flag in the truck which crashed at Lafayette Square.

The reports state that officers retrieved the flag and plastic evidence bags that had been laid out on the sidewalk following the crash and placed them in the back of the U-Haul.

Anthony Guglielmi, chief of communications for the Secret Service, wrote on Twitter: “Preliminary investigation reveals the driver may have intentionally struck the security barriers at Lafayette Square.”

He also added that the US Park Police would file charges with investigative support from the Secret Service.

WUSA broadcaster showed a video of a box-type, U-Haul truck stopped alongside a row of steel bollards, with law-enforcement personnel and a dog approaching the vehicle.

When the truck was opened, there was no cargo.

A previous tweet from the Secret Service’s Guglielmi said nobody from the White House or Secret Service was injured.

It was unclear where President Joe Biden was then, but he met with US House of Representative Speaker Kevin McCarthy at the White House Monday morning.

Washington Post reported that the nearby Hay Adams hotel was evacuated at the request of the Secret Service while the Secret Service said some roads and pedestrian walkways around the park were closed.

A spokesperson for the Washington Fire Department said a call came in at 9:40pm for what was described as a suspicious package investigation.

Soon there was a major law enforcement and public safety response before investigators determined the contents of the mostly empty truck were harmless.

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