Britney Spears Reunites With Mother In An Emotional Meet Months After She Apologized To The Singer For “Anything & Everything” She Went Through During Conservatorship

Britney Spears Reunites With Her Mother Months After She Apologized For Conservatorship( Photo Credit – Bang Showbiz )

Britney Spears has met with her mother.

The ‘Toxic’ singer hasn’t seen Lynne Spears for years amid tensions with her family over her 13-year conservatorship – which came to an end in November 2021 – but her mom flew from Louisiana to Los Angeles on Wednesday (24.05.23) and the pair spent around two and a half hours together.

Sources told TMZ that Lynne was driven from LAX airport to the home of Britney’s manager, Cade Hudson, and from there took an Uber to her daughter’s home.

The 41-year-old singer didn’t know exactly when to expect Lynne but knew she was in town to see her, and let her into the house – where her husband Sam Asghari was also present – for a few hours to catch up.

Insiders told the outlet that “the ice between mother and daughter is thawing” and the pair had exchanged text messages before Lynne came to visit.

The source added: “Lynne is committed to making it right with her daughter.”

After her mom left, Britney and her husband took a short drive before returning home.

Lynne apologised to her daughter in October for “anything and everything”.

She said online to Britney in October about the conservatorship: “I am soooo sorry for your pain! I have been sorry for years!

“I love you so much and miss you! Britney, deep down you know how much I love and miss you! I apologize for anything and everything that’s hurt you!”

Lynne also begged the singer to unblock her so they could speak in person – prompting Britney to tell Lynne to “go f***” herself.

Britney ranted on Instagram: “For 13 years, I had to meet doctors weekly to bring up my past which made it worse !!! As for my whole family including my brother, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, and well damn the whole audience… were either stoned or drunk of their a**** !!!

“I was the mother f****** Saint who was scared to move or I knew my dad would put me somewhere if I didn’t cooperate … even in America, the land of the free!!!! Years go by and he still puts me in a psych ward !!!! Not one mother f****** person stood up for me !!! (sic)”

Following her more general rant about her family, Britney then directed her ire to Lynne.

She wrote: “Mom take your apology and go f*** yourself !!! And to all the doctors for f****** with my mind … I pray you all burn in hell !!! Kiss my mother f****** a**!!!! (sic)”

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