Bruno Mars says his Hawaiian upbringing inspired his ‘dream’ project

Bruno Mars is a 15-time Grammy winning American musician

Grammy-winning singer Bruno Mars recently discussed his Hawaiian upbringing and how it influenced the creation of his “dream” project, The SelvaRey Rum Bar.

Speaking with PEOPLE, the Uptown Funk singer recalled his childhood in Hawaii, “I grew up in Hawaii, and I’ve been performing in … O‘ahu my whole life. As a young kid, you see all this joy, and when I’m performing on stage, everybody’s got a beautiful cocktail in their hand”

“You don’t understand, as a kid, that actually everything they’re drinking is rum — from piña coladas to mai tais, to Blue Hawaiians, and now it even involves so many other delicious drinks, really.”

“We’re using fresh ingredients and keeping it clean and keeping it simple, and that prevents so many things, such as hangovers,” he added.

The 15-time Grammy winner continued, “So as far as the bar goes, I want people to experience what I look forward to in a good cocktail.”

The singer, 37, detailed his fantasy of a good time during summer, “My fantasy is going to an island, being on the sand, and having a rum cocktail, so as far as the bar goes at the Fairmont, it’s this dream experience — and with high-quality rum in paradise,”

Bruno’s rum bar is a part of his series of Beyond LIMITS experiences, which is a collection of “awe-inspiring” adventures available at exquisite Fairmont properties globally. 

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