Claire Holt shares her personal struggles with miscarriage, anxiety during pregnancy

Claire Holt has candidly revealed her emotional journey upon discovering her pregnancy after a previous miscarriage. In a heartfelt blog post titled The Corner by Claire Holt, the 34-year-old actress, who is expecting her third child with husband Andrew Joblon, expressed her anxiety and apprehension following the news of her pregnancy.

Holt shared her initial reaction on Corner by Claire blog and admitted, “I started to imagine who this little person would be and how excited I was to have another one, and then I was hit with an overwhelming wave of anxiety. I guess that’s what happens after a miscarriage.” 

The star of The Originals, who already has two children, James, 4, and Elle, 2, with Joblon, disclosed that she encountered similar emotions during her previous pregnancies.

Recounting her struggle, Holt admitted to frequently taking multiple pregnancy tests, obsessively checking for darker lines. Her internet searches shifted to miscarriage statistics and signs of loss, as she grappled with the fear of another heartbreaking experience.

Despite having had two healthy pregnancies, Holt confessed that she never allowed herself to fully embrace the joy and excitement, as she hoped to shield herself from potential pain. The actress recognized the bittersweet nature of this approach, describing it as a sad way to experience the beauty of pregnancy, yet acknowledging it as a common human instinct to protect oneself from heartache.

Holt’s miscarriage in March 2018 had been publicly revealed through an Instagram post, where she shared her profound sadness and feelings of brokenness. Following the loss, she sought solace in online communities, desperately searching for women who could relate to her experiences and reassure her that her emotions were valid.

After tying the knot with Joblon in August 2018, the couple celebrated the birth of their son James in March 2019, followed by the arrival of their daughter Elle in September 2020.

Last week, at the premiere of Killers of the Flower Moon during the Cannes Film Festival, Holt proudly showcased her growing baby bump, confirming her third pregnancy.

She also took to Instagram, sharing photos from the premiere and announcing the news with a caption that simply read, “me & no 3.”

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