Did Holly Willoughby know about Phillip Schofield’s affair?

When Schofield revealed his sexuality back in 2020, Willoughby was more than supportive

Viewers are now turning their attention from Phillip Schofield, former host of This Morning, to Holly Willoughby who was his close friend and colleague. The primary question that everyone seems to have is: did she know?

Schofield shocked the world when he gave a statement to the Daily Mail where he revealed that he had an affair with a young man who worked with him on the show while he was still married to his wife Stephanie Lowe.

He further added that he had been lying to his network ITV, his agency, his friends and especially his family. One of his former colleagues and frequent critic, Eamonn Holmes claimed that the network was well aware of the affair and “never once took action.”

If his claims are to be believed that the network and bosses were aware of his affair, it raises the question whether the person who worked with him as a host for 13 years did as well.

When Schofield revealed his sexuality back in 2020, Willoughby was more than supportive, saying she has “never been more proud of my friend than I am today.” Sources claimed that Willoughby had stood behind Stephanie till the truth was revealed.

“Holly loves Steph and knows the two of them had been having some really difficult conversations. She was there for them both during this time and would, of course, never betray their confidence.”

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