Fans of BTS upset over Suga’s overseas schedule being leaked

Several pictures of him at the airport along with his overseas schedule ended up getting leaked

K-pop group BTS’ fans are worried as band member Suga’s schedule for overseas projects have started to leak online. The rapper is currently residing overseas as he is in the middle of his Agust D D-Day tour.

The group has not been shy about clarifying that they should be respected as people with their own lives, with Jungkook even calling out a group of people who followed him to the gym which was not a part of his schedule.

Suga is one of the more introverted and private members in the group and although he will happily share his activities with fans during official schedules, his fans were insistent that he was given space when arriving in Jakarta.

Although fans attempted to protect his privacy by making other hashtags trend, several pictures of him at the airport along with his overseas schedule ended up getting leaked. Growing upset, some fans claimed that the leaks come from people who claim to be a part of Suga’s staff.

One fan wrote: “bts privacy getting invaded everyday and people wonder why we are so protective of them when these so called professionals dont even respect their space and privacy.”

Another added: “Dear @ime_indonesia why all SUGA’s private pictures and schedules even places he visited/going to visit are leaked, his pictures and videos are being spread by people who claim as themselves as staff. Please tighten your security and It should be taken seriously!”

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