Fast X’s ‘Letty’ Michelle Rodriguez Roasting Marvel For “How Many More Of Them Could You Make?” Is Getting Her Trolled For Being In “The Fast Franchise For 23 Years Straight” As A Netizen Calls Her A ‘Dum-Dum’

Fast X’s ‘Letty’ Michelle Rodriguez Gets Called “An Actual Dum-Dum” As Video Of Her Questioning The Number Of Marvel Films Re-surface, Netizens Troll, “FAST Franchise Has Been Going For 23 Years Straight…” ( Photo Credit – IMDb ; Wikipedia )

The tenth film in the Fast And Furious franchise, Fast X, hit screens on May 19 and has been impressing fans all across the globe. The film – starring Vin Diesel, Jason Momoa, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Nathalie Emmanuel, and more has been in the news for all the right reasons, but now, an old video of the ‘Letty’ actress has got her trolled.

As the latest instalment in the F&F mints millions at the box office, a re-surfaced featuring Michelle criticizing Marvel for their extensive lineup of films is going viral on social media. Scroll below to see the clip and even read what fans have to say.

In the now re-surfaced video, Michelle Rodriguez can be heard saying, “There’s so many movies I’d like to see merge, like think about it, the world’s your oyster. Where can you go? How many Marvel movies can you make? Like, come on guys, at some point we’ve got to get innovative with this.”

Trolling her for making such a comment, a Twitter user wrote, “Michelle Rodriguez is an actual dum-dum. Did she really say there are too many Marvel films? You’re playing a whole happy wife in heteros*xual love raising a kid that clearly ain’t y’all’s with that disgusted face every Fast film but Marvel is a problem?”

Another added, “I have seen people clown on Michelle Rodriguez and defend her for that silly comment about marvel movies. That defense is usually ‘there’s 4 times the amount of marvel movies than Fast movies.’ Which on surface level is a credible defense but it’s important to remember The Marvel movies while interconnected are also separate mini-franchises on their own as well. Fully of different casts and genres of film. The main 10 fast movies about the same cast involved in more and more ridiculous situations. It’s also important to note they want two more movies as apart of this finale. The Marvel movies also have 80 years of content to pull from and the Fast movies got repetitive after the first few. It was stupid comment, there’s not defending it.”

A third added, “Michelle Rodriguez said she’s tired of Marvel movies and ‘how many can they make’ Marvel had 80 year worth of comic book content they can pull from and survive ‘FAST’ franchise has been going for 23 years straight now yet she’s not tired of making those?”

Another tweeted, “Michelle Rodriguez reaaaaally asked “Really, how many Marvel movies can you make??” ATE YOU KIDDING ME?? Fast and Furious 10?! Gtfoh”

What do you think of Michelle Rodriguez’s statement? Do you stand by her words or slam her too? Let us know in the comments.

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