Game Of Thrones’ ‘Khaleesi’ Emilia Clarke Has Nailed Doing S*x On-Screen! Ranking These Extremely Hot Making Out Scenes Of The S*xy Bombshell From Oh-So-Hot To Uncontrollable Moaning!


Emilia Clarke Is S*xy Bombshell & These Extremely Hot 5 S*x Scenes Are Proof, Ranked (Photo Credit – IMDb)

British actress Emilia Clarke is a well-known name across the globe thanks to powerful performances like that of Daenerys Targaryen in HBO’s Game of Thrones or Sarah Connor in the science fiction film Terminator Genisys. She began working in films in 2009 and is currently one of the most-sorted-after actresses not only for her acting talent but also her s*x appeal.

Over the years, Emilia has not only kicked some a*ses, burned hundreds and beheaded a few but she’s also got the temperature rising with some steamy, s*xy scenes with her male co-stars. Want to know which are her 5 hottest s*x scenes, according to us?

While Emilia Clarke may prefer not to do bold s*x screens on screen, the different times she’s done, it has made her fans re-watch them as they’re unable to keep their eyes off her. With all that said, here’s a list of the top 5 Emilia Clarke s*x scenes in movies – from the least (something has to take the fifth spot) to the hottest.

Me Before You

Me Before You is a sweet romantic drama that features Emilia Clarke as Louisa ‘Lou’ Clark, William’ Will’ Traynor’s (Sam Claflin) caregiver. While her character does bring joy and positivity into his life while attempting to discourage him from taking assisted suicide, the duo also share a steamy kiss in bed. What makes this scene – though not a s*x scene, extra spicy is Emilia dressed in a white cotton t-shirt-styled nightwear ensemble while it pours heavily in the background.

Spike Island


A 2012 comedy, this Mat Whitecross directorial sees Emilia play Sally ‘Cinnamon’ Harris. While the film talks about five friends and them wanting to start a music career, it also showcases Sally’s romance with one of them – Gary ‘Tits’ Titchfield (Elliott Tittensor). The scene that earned the film the 4th spot on Clarke’s 5 best s*x scenes sees Emilia and Elliott’s characters getting frisky and heavily making out in the bedroom as they undress each other (and show off the actress’ white br*) and have some mind-blowing s*x that leaves ‘Cinnamon’ blushing and satisfied!

Voice from the Stone

Eric D. Howell’s 2017 supernatural psychological thriller, Voice from the Stone, saw Emilia Clarke play Verena – a child psychologist attempting to help a young boy move past his mother’s death. While she does prove to be a caring figure to the kid, she also begins dreaming about having sex with his father, Klaus (Marton Csokas). The scene for which it’s ranked 3 sees Clarke n*de and having some s*xy wet dreams about Klaus being intimate with her while alone in bed as she imagines.

Game Of Thrones – S*x With Jon Snow


Game of Thrones has several s*x-filled scenes, and Emilia Clarke features in some of the s*xiest ones. The one that’s No.2 on our list features the insect s*x between Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen and Kit Harington’s Jon Snow. The scene in question features Jon going to Danny’s room and the two having an intense love-making session completely n*de – unknown to both that they are, in fact, an aunt and a nephew. While the ‘banging’ is hot, the look the two share makes it even more s*xier.

Game Of Thrones – Making Love To Khal Drogo

Finally, No 1. This is the first time we see Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen taking reigns and having s*x with her husband Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) – not as a s*x slave, but as a woman in love. While the scene begins with her being taught how to seduce him, her taking control in the bedroom is way too hot and s*xy. The way she rides him is sure to make the room with the AC set at 18 degrees also feel like being in the Sahara desert.

Do you agree with our ranking of Emilia Clarke’s best s*x scenes? Let us know in the comments.

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