Games Of Thrones Star & Internet’s Favourite Daddy Pedro Pascal Suffered Eye Infection Because Fans Couldn’t Stop Thumbing His Eyes; Narrates Weird Fan Encounters

Pedro Pascal Talks About Weird Fan Encounters After Game Of Thrones (Picture Credit: IMDB)

The jump from charmer to one of the hottest men to now being the internet’s most thrist-trapping daddy, Pedro Pascal is scaling mountains with his appeal. The actor who was recently seen in The Last Of Us has become synonymous with not just one but three massive long-format shows, and all three have had him in a much bigger capacity (Game Of Thrones, Narcos, The Mandalorian). While everything he does makes buzz now, we cannot forget the first time many of us saw him, and that was the Westeros saga, where he played the charming Oberyn Martell.

As Oberyn, he was one of the most interesting characters in the show who met a very brutal end. If you have not seen Game Of Thrones yet by any chance, here’s a spoiler for you and we aren’t even sorry now. Pedro, as Martell in the show was brutally killed by The Mountain by stabbing his eyes with the thumbs.

While the brutality of Oberyn’s death in Game Of Thrones shook us all in that moment, it somewhere became the signature for Pedro Pascal, who has fans meet him and clicking selfies while recreating that moment. The actor now talks about how that even led to him suffering eye infection after having so many thumbs touch them. Read on to know more.

As per IndieWire, Pedro Pascal was talking about enjoying the fandom after Game Of Thrones and he also revealed this incident. “I remember, earlier on, because of ‘Game of Thrones’ and the way my character died — speaking of touching — people were super into taking selfies with their thumbs in my eyes,” Pascal said. “And at first, I was so earnest and happy about the success of the character in the show, I’d let them! And then I remember getting a bit of an eye infection.”

However, this isn’t the first time he has spoken about weird fan encounters. The actor who is also a part of the Mandalorian had once said, “It’s an honor to be a part of these huge franchises like ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Star Wars,’ but I’m still getting used to people recognizing me”. Pedro Pascal added, “The other day, some guy stopped me on the street and said ‘my son loves ‘The Mandalorian.’‘ And the next thing I know, I’m FaceTiming with this six-year-old who has no idea who I am because my character wears a mask for the entire show.”

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