“I Started Quietly Monitoring All Of Tom’s Global Promotional Activities”

Will Smith Studied Tom Cruise’s Promotional Skills (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Promoting movies is one of the most difficult tasks for film stars as sometimes it often takes a lot of time. As important as it is for the actors to showcase their acting skills during the production of the film, it becomes an essential element to market the work at places while promoting it to the audiences. Recalling a similar incident, Will Smith revealed how he kept tabs on Tom Cruise’s press tour itineraries so that he could outdo him as the biggest film star in the world.

While both of them are one of the most known faces in the world, the competition between the two megastars is evident. However, this time it was not for a role or a performance. It was simply for the promotion of the movie, which is indeed a difficult task.

The Oscar-winning actor once wrote in his memoir “Will” that he meticulously studied Tom Cruise’s press tours to outrun him. Back in the day, Will Smith was fresh from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s success and was eager to jump to global movie star. Upon getting essential advice from Arnold Schwarzenegger to make his mark in America and worldwide, Smith started noticing how Tom Cruise conducted his tours.

The Men In Black actor wrote, “I started quietly monitoring all of Tom’s global promotional activities”. Whenever he would reach a country to promote the movie, he asked the local movie executives to give Tom’s promotional schedule and vowed to do two hours more than whatever he did in every country. “Unfortunately, Tom Cruise is either a cyborg or there are six of him,” the actor added.

Following the practice, Will Smith started getting reports of four-and-a-half-hour stretches on red carpets in Paris, London, Tokyo and every other place he would visit. As Tom Cruise signed every single autograph until there was no one else who wanted one, the actor added, his “global promotions were the individual best in Hollywood.”

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