Inside Sarah Ferguson’s relationship with late Queen Elizabeth

Inside Sarah Ferguson’s relationship with late Queen Elizabeth

Late Queen Elizabeth “loved” Sarah Ferguson “so much” but the two “could not get close” as Prince Philip did not like his son, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife.

After Fergie announced her breast cancer diagnosis, a royal expert delved into her relationship with late Queen Elizabeth, claiming they “could not get closer” because of Prince Andrew.

According to GB News, commentator Lizzie Cundy claimed the former monarch “loved” Fergie “so much,” while adding that she was “one of the Queen’s favourites.”

In a conversation with royal commentator Pandora Forsyth and host Nana Akua, she said, “Sarah would always be there looking at the positive side of everything, despite, you know, really bad things happening.”

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“And that’s why she was one of the Queen’s favourites,” Cundy added.

To this, the host replied, saying, “But she couldn’t get close to the Queen because Philip didn’t like her very much at all.”

“Well, Prince Philip actually never forgave her for that toe sucking scandal. And poor Sarah had to come downstairs at breakfast when it was all over the front pages of the paper,” said Cundy.

She went on: “Andrew was away for about 70% of their marriage. He was away with the Navy. Sarah had a very, very lonely time being married to Prince Andrew, but I love her loyalty.

“She’s stayed by his side through thick and thin, and the Queen actually adored Sarah. And I know we all wish her well through this really tough time.

“She’s a strong cookie. You’ll be fine, Sarah. We’re all rooting for you.”

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