Is Britney Spears Living In ‘Virtual Isolation’? Here’s What New Documentary Claims

Her husband Sam Asghari called the documentary ‘disgusting’. (Credits: Instagram/

The documentary also claims that Britney Spears spends a lot of time driving around her neighbourhood following the end of her conservatorship.

A recently released documentary by TMZ titled “Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom” has sparked speculation about the pop star’s post-conservatorship life. The documentary claims that Britney Spears is “living in isolation” and has been “binge-sleeping for days”. She only participates in a handful of activities when she’s not posting on social media. The TMZ’s executive producer Charles Latibeaudiere alleges, “Britney lives in virtual isolation. Most of the time, she’s at home by herself.”

The TMZ documentary reveals that the 41-year-old pop star spends her time “driving aimlessly” around Los Angeles. She is dubbed a ‘binge-sleeper’ who sometimes indulges in sleeping for more than three days, and then not sleeping at all for the next few. While driving, she is said to hit quite a few dirt roads where she pauses to meditate.

Besides this, the documentary reveals Britney Spears keeps herself overly caffeinated, be it by consuming coffee or energy drinks. The portal claims she lives in constant fear of being put back under a conservatorship once again. To keep away her anxiousness about being re-institutionalized again, producer Harvey Levin explained how multiple sources have told him, the singer drinks coffee, Red Bull, and gallons of dandelion tea that might be triggering her manic episodes.

The documentary which premiered on FOX and Hulu, showcases multiple TMZ producers and executives as talking people. It traces Britney Spears’ life after she was freed from her 13-year-long conservatorship in November 2021. Notably, the documentary has garnered wide flak for not including close accounts of people who know the singer personally. It is entirely based on the claims of undisclosed sources of the portal.

Britney Spears has already shut down most of the claims in a lengthy Instagram post stating, “Sorry but I never stay up late with Red Bull !!! It is absolutely the worst drink ever.” The pop sensation added she has joined Ballet and also indulges in making candles and jewellery in her free time. “I don’t like people in media bullying me and saying hateful things,” she added.

The singer’s husband Sam Asghari has slammed the release of the documentary, calling it “disgusting” in a now-vanished update on his Instagram Stories. The American-Iranian model condemned TMZ for putting the global icon’s life under a microscope by telling her story without Britney’s approval. He called the documentary ‘disgusting’ warning fans to not believe anything that’s put out there.

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