Juhi Parmar Says Single Mother Is ‘Judged,’ REVEALS ‘People Say, It Must Have Been Woman’s Fault…’

Juhi Parmar was previously married to actor Sachin Shroff but they parted ways in 2018. (Photo: Instagram)

Juhi Parmar talks about single parenting and reveals she has always tried to make sure that her daughter does not feel that something is missing from her life.

Juhi Parmar recently made her OTT debut with Yeh Meri Family 2. In the show, the actress played the role of a working mother. However, in an exclusive interview with News18 Showsha, Juhi mentioned that she could not connect with her character because in real life, she is a single parent. Juhi was previously married to actor Sachin Shroff but the duo got divorced in 2018. They have a 10-year-old daughter together.

Talking about the same, Juhi told us, “That kind of connect wasn’t there simply because in my real life, I am a single mother and in Yeh Meri Family, she is not. Single parenting is totally different. It is playing the role of a mother and a father, both and not having a partner who is going to take half of your responsibilities. However, I could relate to the emotions of a mother. That does not change with being a single parent or being married and having a child. Emotion remains the same,” she told us.

Juhi says while being a single parent is not easy, she has always tried to make sure her daughter does not feel that something is missing in her life just because her parents do not stay together.

“I take pride in being a responsible parent before I call myself a single parent. I took 100 percent responsibility of my child and I told myself that I am going to devote my child to her and make sure I give her the best childhood. Just because the parents are not together, does not mean the child has to feel that here is something lacking in his/her life. From education to give her a secured home, to give her a secured emotional bond where she feels taken care of, I make sure I do all of this,” she said.

The 42-year-old actress also thanked her parents and expressed gratitude towards them for being ‘two brilliant grandparents’. “If it takes four hands to raise a child, my daughter has six. She has more. She has nowhere got less,” Juhi shared.

Juhi further talked about the challenges and judgements a single mother has to go through. “From society to people around me, they have always come up to me and said ‘You are doing a great job as a mother’ and ‘you inspire us’. Yes, there are judgments. There are people who will say that it must have been a woman’s fault only. You really can’t go out and change them. They need to look within themselves and understand from where so much of negativity and hatred is coming. They need to fix that. It is easy to judge and difficult to be in somebody’s shoes and understand why a decision like this was taken,” she said.

“Single parenting is tough because you have to make up for another parent but it is beautiful also because it makes you feel so full of love for the child. They also give so much love to you. I get double love from her,” Juhi concluded.

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