Katy Perry ‘snarky’ views disturbed ‘American Idol’ star

Katy Perry ‘snarky’ views disturbed ‘American Idol’ star

American Idol star Wé Ani’s father slammed Katy Perry, claiming her daughter idolized the singer. However, her unkind treatment at the show distraught her.

Mac McDonald, Ani’s father, took to Instagram to express his anger at the Dark Horse singer.

“Several years ago, an impressionable teenager was in Chaplin Studios to record an Apple recording for her tenure on the Voice as the youngest minor finalist that year,” adding, “She still had stars in her eyes as she became exhilarated by living a dream with her proximity to people she had only fantasized about.”

He continued, “As fate would have it that impressionable teenager met her as a young adult on the American Idol stage. The young girl known as Wé McDonald now known as Wé Ani stood in front of someone who she had once idolized devastated her with an undeserved snarky response as a redirect to critiquing her show performance.”

“It was a dagger in the heart given by a respected star with concern regarding any of Katy’s subsequence responses regarding her American Idol performances. The star designation descended to a regular bully that attacked Wé Ani as a child. No acknowledgment or apology, just a collar pop and a shoulder brush. Remember this, lesson learned. See you at the Grammys,” the 24-year-old’s father concluded.

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