King Charles ‘forced’ to ‘remove’ Prince Andrew from line of succession

King Charles reportedly being pressured by Royal family members to take final decision about Prince Andrew

King Charles ‘forced’ to ‘remove’ Prince Andrew from line of succession

King Charles is reportedly being pressured by the rest of the royal family members to “remove” his disgraced brother, Prince Andrew, from line of succession.

Ever since sealed court filings linked to the notorious late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein were revealed, the palace is “working feverishly” to protect the royal family to “protect” their image.

Speaking with Life & Style, an insider said, “Charles is feeling more pressure than ever to eject Andrew,” adding, “And remove him from the line of succession.”

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About the latest court documents, the source said, “They leave no doubt about Andrew’s involvement in the whole sordid affair.”

The insider added, “Anyone who has tried to defend him is at their breaking point. Charles can’t protect him any longer.”

However, the insider said that King Charles “loves” Andrew “despite his faults and shortcomings, but he’s been placed in a difficult position where he must choose, and the time has come to put the monarchy first.”

Charles is “emotionally spent” by the drama and “has other matters to attend to,” they added before revealing that Prince William and Kate Middleton are also forcing Charles to take an action about Andrew.

“They want nothing to do with Andrew and are furious that he continues to bring shame and embarrassment to the whole family,” the royal insider said.

“There’s nothing that Andrew can say to change their low opinion of him.”

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