Meghan Markle could make ‘headlines across the world’ with new acting gig

Meghan Markle could make a major acting comeback and make ‘headlines’ around the globe

Meghan Markle could make a major acting comeback and make ‘headlines’ around the globe 

Meghan Markle may have an acting opportunity on her way that’ll help her make “headlines” all over the world.

Meghan is known for her major role in Suits as Rachel Zane. Now, she could return to a reboot of the show as Erica. Erica is a career-focused lady in her 30s who’s very smart. 

PR expert Matt Yanofsky believes the role is perfect for the Duchess of Sussex to make her comeback to acting.

“There’s dozens of women in Hollywood who could play that role. However, casting Meghan would create guaranteed headlines across the world,” he remarked.

Yanofsky also made a list of suggestions for the Suits star for her possible role. However, he wonders if the Duchess would actually take the role: “Does Meghan want to work this much and go to a set every week? Based on what happened with her podcast, she likely doesn’t want such a stressful, time consuming job.”

Another PR expert, Ryan McCormick, advised Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, to “consider a lower fee in exchange for some creative control over her character.”

He added: “In order for this to be a win for Meghan, “Erica” should embody some of her positive values and mannerisms. Aaron Korsh could also help the Duchess of Sussex by writing scenes that allow the full scale of her acting talents to be seen and present her character as deserving of empathy.”

This comes after Meghan Markle’s Suits co-star Patrick J. Adams expressed his wish for her to return for a reboot. “Yes, yes let’s go, I’ll do it,” he said of doing a spin-off. “Yeah I’m ready, Mike and Rachel in Seattle.”

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