Michelle Rodriguez Opens Up About Different Possibilities Of Fast & Furious Franchise’s Future, Says “We’re In The Pruning Process”

Fast and Furious franchise ‘is in the pruning process'(Photo Credit: Bang Showbiz)

Michelle Rodriguez thinks the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise could go in many possible directions.

The 44-year-old actress plays Letty Ortiz in the ‘Fast and Furious’ films, and Michelle has admitted to being excited about the future of the money-spinning franchise.

Michelle Rodriguez told The Hollywood Reporter, “Right now it’s literally the throw up of all of the possibilities, all of the seeds planted throughout the years that have now flourished into trees.

“Now, it’s about pruning. We’re in the pruning process. All of the ideas are flying by and all of the input is being thrown in,” Michelle Rodriguez added.

Michelle revealed that Louis Leterrier, the director of new movie ‘Fast X‘, is also excited about the possibilities.

She shared, “Louis, our new captain, he’s got his hands full, but he’s excited, he’s like a little kid. You should see him, out on the weekend going to the theatres just trying to see what people respond to.”

Michelle previously revealed that she loved working with Louis.

The actress hailed the impact of the director, suggesting that he’d brought a new energy to the cast and crew of the franchise.

She told The Hollywood Reporter, “He came with all this energy of love. We haven’t had that in ‘Fast and Furious‘ for a very long time where we get somebody excited who’s a real fan and who really wants to take it places that it hasn’t gone before.

“We’ve been at it for 20 years, bro. After all that time, you get jaded and kind of forget what you do it for [until] a director like Louis comes in and reminds you, ‘This is beautiful. Let’s go make magic.’ We’re so lucky to have him, bro.”

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