Nike offered heads-up to Adidas about Kanye West: report

Nike gave heads-up to Adidas about Kanye West: report

Nike raised red flags about Kanye West with Adidas; however, the latter ignored the warnings and continued the partnership with the controversial rapper.

The shocking revelation was unearthed by a report in Bloomberg as the polarising rap star collaborated with Nike on his Air Yeezy, which was launched in 2009. 

But, ultimately, Ye had a fallout with the brand.

At the time, the fashion mogul claimed the multi-billion company denied royalties to him because he was not a professional athlete.

However, the four years collaboration was a success for Nike as last Ye-partnered sneakers worth $245 was reportedly sold in eleven minutes in 2014.

Meanwhile, Adidas roped in West in 2013 for a partnership, and their first sneaker hit the shelves in 2015.

The deal skyrocketed the company’s sales and carved a larger market share for the brand, which was facing stiff competition with rivals Nike and Reebok.

However, the 45-year-old problematic behaviour caused concerns among the brand’s staff.

But, the company’s dependence on the Grammy winner sneaker range forced execs to tolerate his actions, as revealed by the report.

Moreover, multiple reports suggested Adidas head honchos complicity in downplaying, or worst, ignoring the erratic behaviour of West.

As a Rolling Stone report detailed Yeezy former members’ allegations against the brand of being updated from Kanye West’s “problematic behaviour” but still “turned their moral compass off.”

While The Wall Street Journal threw the final punch, the report spilled beans on Adidas’ top head honchos mulling as early as 2018 about the risks of working with the Grammy winner.

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