Pottawattomie Park police officer facing charges of ghost payrolling – Chicago Tribune

An officer with the Pottawattomie Park Police Department in LaPorte County is accused of being paid by two police departments at the same time.

Jason Yagelski, who is currently Chief Marshal for the Pottawattomie Park Police Department, is facing two counts each of ghost employment and official misconduct, which are both Level 6 felonies, along with a misdemeanor fraud charge.

Yagelski has posted bond after being booked at the LaPorte County Jail. His initial hearing is Wednesday.

The investigation started when Long Beach Chief Marshal Mark Swistek contacted LaPorte County Prosecutor Sean Fagan and reported irregularities in time being claimed by one of the officers who had been employed at the Long Beach Police Department, according to a news release from the Indiana State Police.

On Jan. 25, Fagan asked the ISP to look into the allegations. The ISP determined that Yagelski claimed he worked house at two different departments simultaneously, police said. Specifically, he was paid several thousand dollars for hours he didn’t work at the Pottawattomie Park Police Department, the Trail Creek Police Department, and the Long Beach Police Department. Yagelski previously worked as a Deputy Marshal for Long Beach Police Department and a Deputy Marshal for the Trail Creek Police Department, the release stated.

A probable cause affidavit was originally filed on Feb. 13, but it was sealed from public view, according to court records. Two LaPorte county judges had to recuse themselves from hearing the case due to concerns that their impartiality might be questioned under Indiana Trial Rule 2.11(a). On March 6, LaPorte County Judge Thomas J. Alvizos was appointed special judge, court records state.

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