Prince Harry teases John Travolta for ‘Dining Out’ on dance with Princess Diana

 Living Legends of Aviation ceremony was hosted by aviation ambassador John Travolta

Prince Harry playfully teased John Travolta, suggesting that the actor has been repeatedly sharing the story of dancing with Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana.

At the 21st annual Living Legends of Aviation ceremony, hosted by aviation ambassador John Travolta, the Duke of Sussex was honoured at the event for his significant contributions to aviation and aerospace as a British Army veteran and pilot.

Amidst the ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Prince Harry warmly embraced Travolta and gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder before making his way to the podium for his acceptance speech.

While adjusting the ribbon on his medal, Harry expressed his gratitude, saying, “This is lovely. Thank you very much, Captain John.”

The Duke, 39, also reminded Travolta of that time he danced with Princess Diana – and made a joke saying the actor still continues to “dine out” on that dance. 

He said: “I was one year old when you danced with my mum. As you’ve told everybody here and continue to dine out on that probably every single night.

“But look at us now! It’s great. So if we’re not going to dance together, we’ll fly together.” After the audience started laughing, Harry appeared to jokingly hold his hand up to dismiss Travolta, as he said: “Thank you, that’s it, we’re done.”

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