Princess Diana’s close pal issues stern warning to royal family amid Kate’s disappearance

Princess Kate’s disappearance and Royal family’s silence give birth to several questions 

Royal commentator Michael Cole has revealed shocking details about late Princess Diana’s friend’s claims about the monarchy amid ongoing crisis within the royal family.

Diana’s pal Richard Kay has sent the monarchy a stern warning in an article published in the Daily Mail, claiming the family needs to get their “act together or lose public confidence.”

The public absence of Kate Middleton and silence of the royal family have become the headlines of international media and punchline of some hit talk shows, setting the internet ablaze.

Commenting on Kay’s words, Cole told GB News his concerns are valid as the royal family has gone through much worse.

Cole said: “I’ve known Richard Kay for more than 40 years and you couldn’t meet a more down-to-earth, sensible person. He has listed all the troubles the royal family  have had.” 

“It should be said Richard was a very, very good friend of Princess Diana – he was the journalist she trusted the most.”

Cole added: “He does say, in effect, the ship of state is proceeding but is there anyone on the quarter-deck? Who is giving orders, who is in charge? Is it Prince William or Queen Camilia? He raises concern and lists the public mockery which is being aimed at the royal family by the press in this country.

“We do have to look at it with hindsight and history, because all of us here, lived through the first week of Septemeber, 1997 – after the terrible death of Diana.”

The uproar, the theories, the analyses, jokes the serious concern suggest as there’s something unusual going on in the royal family. Even American TV shows are openly making fun of royal members. The people who usually don’t care about the Firm at all are invested in the ongoing drama, assuming they’re hiding something.

Catherine, who was las seen on December 25, 2023 in London, is also making headlines due to her disappearance and mystery abdominal surgery.

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