Ray Liotta fiancée shares moving tribute on death anniversary

Ray Liotta fiancée shares moving tribute on death anniversary

Ray Liotta’s fiancée, Jacy Nittolo, is remembering her late-lover on his first anniversary of death.

As per ET, Nittolo expressed her emotions on Instagram, paying rich tribute to the deceased actor.

“A year ago today, I was on a flight home from the Dominican Republic by myself in shock,” she continued. “My entire world unexpectedly turned upside down. I’ll never forget the beautiful woman, a complete stranger, who sat next to me and didn’t say a word. She gently grabbed and held my hand the entire flight as I cried and looked out the window. When we landed, she looked at me and said, ‘Everything is going to be OK.'”

The 47-year-old also revealed meeting with Liotta’s sister, Linda, on a connecting flight to Los Angeles.

“I don’t know what I would have done without Linda that night,” she continued. “It’s been a heavy year of pain, heartache, healing, growing and accepting what is. Learning to smile at what was. It supposedly gets easier with time. No time will change a loss so great. You just learn to live with it and keep going, trusting that all will be OK.”

Earlier, the Goodfellas star’s cause of death was revealed: acute heart failure and respiratory issues.

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