Rose Byrne To Get Married To Bobby Cannavale? Spy Actress Reveals, “It’s Definitely Something That We Will Do…”

Rose Byrne To Get Married To Bobby Cannavale? Spy Actress Reveals, “It’s Definitely Something That We Will Do…” – Deets Inside ( Photo Credit – Bang Showbiz )

Rose Byrne will “definitely” get married to Bobby Cannavale.

The 43-year-old actress has been in a relationship with ‘Blonde’ star Bobby, 53, since 2012 and explained that they will “absolutely” tie the knot one day but “scheduling” is always tricky.

Rose Byrne told PEOPLE: “I’m more married to him than anybody I’ve ever been with my whole life. We will absolutely get married, but scheduling makes it hard. It is definitely something that we will do. We’ll get around to it. I love going to weddings. I’ve been a bridesmaid twice, I loved it. Everyone else is so over being a bridesmaid and I’m like, I loved it. I found it so entertaining.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Seriously Red’ star is now appearing alongside Seth Rogen in Apple TV+ comedy series ‘Platonic’ and while the pair play best friends who argue a lot, Rose promises the two of them are “a lot kinder” to each other in real life and revealed how she was inspired to take on the project because of a “dear friend” she has had since early on in her career.

Rose Byrne said: “We’re far more kind with one another. We’re from the Commonwealth! He’s Canadian; I’m Australian. We don’t have that front-footedness that the characters necessarily have. The show lives and dies on the friendship and the chemistry of the two people. And I knew that it had to be Seth [to play Will]. And it just was a question of whether he would or not, and convince him, but he was immediately on board, so it was wonderful.

“The dynamic is just intuitive. And we realized that day one, like, ‘Oh, yeah, all right. We can do these things, but we can’t do these things.’ It was an opportunity to discover different ways to find the comedy.

“I have a dear friend, we’ve been friends since we were in our twenties. We were roommates in L.A. as struggling actors. And we are still very close, although he’s in Australia and I’m over here [in the U.S.]. But it was extraordinary, because we lived together for many years and people could never believe that we were platonic friends. Particularly on his side. All his friends were like, ‘Yeah, but what do you mean?’ And so when they pitched this idea to me of the show, I did feel I could relate.”

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