Rose Hanbury meets Kate Middleton to enquire after her health amid ongoing drama?

Rose Hanbury meets Kate Middleton amid rumours about her affair with Prince William

Prince William and Rose Hanbury, who made headlines in 2019 due to their alleged affair, have not stopped being in the news in recent weeks as well amid Princess Kate’s absence from the public duties following her abdominal surgery.

Now, insiders have claimed: “Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, has recently met Princess Kate to enquire after her health, shunning all unfair claims about her alleged affair with the Prince of Wales.”

The royal family’s silence and Kate’s ‘photo editing’ stunt worked as fuel to the fire during ongoing situation as the palace is sharing update on cancer-stricken King Charles health with new photos regularly, but keeping mum on Kate Middleton’s health conditions.

However, some worried fans and royal commentators have alleged Prince William and the palace of hiding something from the public, demanding the royals to share  Kate’s one official video or picture to end the rumours and speculations about her.

Some conspiracy theorists are claiming that William is still enjoying relationship with his neighbor even after being waned by Kate Middleton in the past.

Royal expert Tom Quinn previously discussed the relationship dynamics of William and Kate, claiming: “It’s not a perfect marriage,” adding the couple have “terrific rows”. The expert ended saying “it’s always kept under control.”

However, some royal insiders and commentators believe there’s nothing wrong with Kate and William’s relationship and the couple are enjoying ideal married life together and perfectly upbringing their three children, adding the future King can not even think to ditch his sweet wife Kate as he loves her the most.

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