Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna’s Chemistry Wins Hearts But Track Leaves Fans Furious

Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna play the roles of Anupama and Anuj Kapadia respectively. (Photos: Twitter)

In the latest episode, Anuj Kapadia finally confronted Anupama but the explanation for their separation left devoted fans disappointed.

Rupali Ganguly’s captivating portrayal in the hit show Anupamaa has garnered widespread attention, but recent episodes have left the audience somewhat dissatisfied. The introduction of Anupama’s long-absent husband, Anuj Kapadia (Gaurav Khanna), brought tension as he tried to shed light on the events that transpired during their separation. Unfortunately, their encounters were consistently disrupted by the interference of Maaya (Chhavi Pandey) or Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey). In the latest episode, Anuj finally confronted Anupama, but the explanation for their separation left devoted fans with a mix of emotions, stirring varied reactions among viewers.

In the recent episode, Anuj unveils a troubling incident that unfolded at Maaya’s house following a meeting at his daughter, Choti Anu’s school. Shockingly, Maaya locks the door, and the situation takes a disturbing turn as she forcefully tries to get close to Anuj. In an act of self-defence, Anuj pushes her away and hastily makes his way to the airport. However, his journey takes an unexpected detour when he receives a distressing call from Choti, who tearfully explains the situation, leaving viewers gripped with tension and concern.

As he enters the house, Anuj Kapadia discovers blood on Choti Anu’s hand and finds Maaya unconscious and bleeding. Anuj realises that his push might have caused her injury. Panicked, he rushed her to the hospital, where the doctor revealed Maaya’s mental trauma and advised constant supervision. Anuj confesses his guilt and apologises to Anupama for not keeping her informed.

While the track seems attractive, some social media users have expressed their disappointment and criticised Anupamaa makers for presenting a bland explanation regarding Anuj’s absence. On the other hand, there are others who are in love with MaAn’s chemistry.

Reacting to the episode, a user wrote, “He lived with this mental woman for one month. Can writers end his suffering? He is really traumatized. First he got sexually abused and later this.”

Another user commented, “Anupamaa writers really???? That was the reason??? DKP is so lucky they have GAURUP, episode didn’t have any logic, but the phenomenal performance of GAURUP saved it.”

Another user shared his view and wrote, “Also now lemme address the elephant in the room – MAAYA WAS NOT EVEN BLACKMAILING ANUJ KAPADIA, this is so much worse, so he VOLUNTARILY kept this secret from Anupamaa for OVER A MONTH & broke her heart, when he could have told her the truth whenever he wanted, seriously.”

One person criticised the storyline, highlighting the lack of realism in the character’s actions.

Meanwhile, there were people who loved their chemistry.

Another Anupamaa fan emphasised that their dynamic is truly exceptional.

A social media user expressed the sentiment that this particular episode will be forever etched in their memory due to Anuj and Anu’s remarkable on-screen connection.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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