“Sofia (Coppola) Didn’t End Up Using That Take…”

Kirsten Dunst Once Shared Her Experience Of Filmimng Her First N*de Scene For Marie Antoinette (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Kirsten Dunst is one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood, mostly known for her role in Sam Rami’s Spider-Man movie. As the actor swooned the audience for her performance, she is still remembered as one of the best portrayals of Mary Jane. However, there was a time when the actress was not comfortable working in the industry as she almost quit her career after the historical drama Marie Antoinette.

Directed by filmmaker Sofia Coppola, the story of the movie followed Queen Marie Antoinette over the years before her fate in the midst of the French Revolution. As she was the director’s first choice, it was the first movie in which Dunst did any type of n*de scene.

As reported by Cheatsheet, Kirsten Dunst once shared how different Marie Antoinette was from anything she’d done at that point in her career. As the movie featured her first ever n*de scene on the screen, she revealed, “I was so nervous to show my butt in that tent scene because it was the first nude scene of any type I’d ever done.”

While recalling an intimate scene with the co-star, the Spider-Man actress added, “In the scene where Jamie and I are making out and he slides me down the bed, I did one take where I showed my br*asts and one without. Sofia didn’t end up using that take, but at the time, I figured if I was gonna go for it, it should be in her movie.”

However, the director’s craft and vision made the scene easy for Kirsten Dunst. “I was never leered at and always felt really beautiful through her eyes,” said the actress. She was 22 years old when she worked for the movie, as it was one of the major roles in her starting career.

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