Sonam Bajwa reveals why she snubbed Bollywood movies

Sonam Bajwa disclosed that she had turned down several Bollywood projects in the past

Punjabi cinema actress, Sonam Bajwa, has revealed her deliberate decision to decline opportunities in Hindi movies due to concerns about her image in Punjab. 

She expressed discomfort with on-screen kissing in Bollywood, but mentioned that her parents have grown more accepting of her acting choices.

During an interview with Film Companion, Sonam confessed that she refrains from commenting on certain issues on social media because she is unsure of how her statements will be received by her fanbase.

She has, however, learned to strike a balance between her glamorous social media presence and her self-perception as a village girl.

“I said no to a couple of things in Bollywood because I was like, Is Punjab going to be OK with it?”, Sonam explained.

She further expressed the prevailing mindset that families are the primary audience and considered their potential reactions. She admitted being apprehensive about performing a kissing scene in a film, fearing the response from the people who have shaped her identity. She had numerous questions lingering in her mind.

Reflecting on her choices, Sonam acknowledged that she should have given more thought before rejecting those projects.

“It was a couple of years ago, I spoke to my mom and dad about it. They were like, ‘Yes, if it’s for a film, it’s fine’. And I was so shocked. Why did I not speak to them first? So many things we assume in our head. I was so shy to discuss this with my parents, and they were like, ‘Koi nahi, je film liya, koi chakkar ni (It’s for a film, there’s no problem)’.”

Sonam recognized the evolving tastes of Punjabi audiences, but she highlighted that families remain the primary target demographic. This emphasis on family viewership limits experimentation with genres in the Punjabi industry, causing frustration for actors who seek diverse roles.

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