Sumeet Vyas Confirms TVF Tripling Season 4, ‘By The End Of The Year We Should Start’

Sumeet Vyas gives an exciting update about TVF Tripling.

Sumeet Vyas recently gave an exciting update about the next season of TVF Tripling.

The much-loved series Tripling from the house of TVF has witnessed three exciting seasons, highlighting the life of siblings navigating through bizarre and unique situations. Taking into consideration the love and praises the last season received, fans are eager for an update on the fourth Season. And it seems, their wait is about to end since Sumeet Vyas shared that show might go on floors next year.

In an interview with the entertainment portal Bollywood Hungama, Sumeet Vyaas shared,

“We will start the writing for season 4 in June. Hopefully the script should be locked by the end of the year and then we should start.” When asked if there is a possibility of it going on floors in early 2024, the actor stated, “Yes, most likely!”

Tripling revolves around three siblings Chandan (Sumeet Vyas), Chitvan (Amol Parashar) and Chanchal who embark on a road trip. While the journey led to some revelations and self-discovery in its original season (2016), the second season makes the trio more familiar with flashbacks from childhood. As for the third season, the siblings come to their home in the hills only to get a shocking development about their parents marriage.

Prior to the release of the third season last year, Sumeet Vyas had explained the reason behind the gap between Season 2 and Season 3, “One, we were busy doing a lot of other things, and secondly, we didn’t have much to say. We didn’t want to make a season just because it’s a popular franchise and cash in on it. It’s not the way I function, or TVF functions. Then Covid happened, and I welcomed a kid as well. And it only helps, when we revisit it. By the time I came up with the third season’s core idea, I discussed it with Arunabh (TVF founder), and he was very happy. By then even we were itching to make it and that’s always a good sign. We waited for it for so long and now we really have a story that we want to tell,” he explained.

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