Sydney Sweeney has same taste in romantic comedies as Julia Roberts?

Sydney Sweeney shared her most favourite rom com movie and it is reportedly the same as Julia Roberts’s one

Sydney Sweeney recently revealed her most favourite rom-com of all time.

In a recent interview with MTV UK, the Anyone But You hitmaker unveiled that she loved watching rom-coms, as per the findings of Animated Times.

When asked about her favourite romantic comedy, the Euphoria star revealed that it had to be Julia Robert’s iconic movie, My Best Friend’s Wedding

“I’m not even lying when I say it’s My Best Friend’s Wedding,” the 26-year-old actress insisted.

The acting sensation went on to explain, “Which is so cool because we got to see it with Dermot(Mulroney). And he hadn’t seen the movie since the premiere and it was the most special, beautiful experience.”

This comes after a similar remark was made by Julia Robert during an interview in December 2023.

Appearing on the show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Julia Roberts was asked about her most favourite rom-com.

In response to this, the Pretty Woman hitmaker said, “That’s a really good question and I’ve never been asked it.” 

Then, Julia revealed that it was My Best Friend’s Wedding, a 90’s rom com featuring Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz, and Rupert Everett, as per the findings of Daily Mail

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