Taylor Swift’s Fan Turns Security Guard To Attend Her Concert

Davis Perrigo singing along with Taylor Swift at Eras Tour. (Credits : Twitter)

Unable to afford the concert ticket, Davis Perrigo decided to apply for a job at one of the venues.

The euphoria of The Eras Tour has swept away the Swifties by storm. With an average rate of the cheapest tickets priced over $200 (approx Rs 16,500), Taylor Swift’s fans have remained determined to flock to stadiums in massive numbers. However, the skyrocketing ticket rates also became the reason why many of the singer’s die-hard well-wishers were unable to enjoy The Eras Tour euphoria in person. Amidst this, sending social media abuzz is the story of this fan who did beat all odds to attend the Grammy winner’s concert. Surprisingly, he did not have tickets. So, how did he manage to get inside the venue, you may ask?

Identified to be Davis Perrigo, the Nashville resident supposedly went viral for his videos of enjoying Taylor’s performance. When Davis knew he won’t be able to afford to buy a concert ticket, he decided to apply for a job at one of the venues. Now, videos of him singing out aloud the lyrics of ‘Love Story’ and ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ at the Nissan Stadium have been doing the rounds on TikTok. The die-hard fans signed up for security duties at the venue, as per News Channel 5.

Davis told the outlet he was unable to secure a ticket for himself and decided to apply for a job at the venue just in hopes he would be able to gain access and fortunately, his dream came true. Reportedly, Davis’ antics at the concert led the singer’s security team to reprimand him at one show citing he needs to take things down a notch. Though he was unable to record himself owing to the strict no-phone policy, he found multiple videos of himself on social media. He reveals saving a few of them.

“It really was a blessing that I didn’t get tickets. I’ve been to all sorts of sporting events, this was the loudest I’ve ever heard it. The fans were so unbelievably loud,” said Davis. The fan was also shocked by the amount of traction his videos gained online. “I showed someone at work, like, ‘Hey, this video got 10,000 views,’ and then by that night, it was over one million. I was like, ‘OMG, this is out of control,” he added.

The Eras Tour began in the month of March at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and it will come to an end in August at the SoFI stadium in California.

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