‘The Heart of Rock and Roll’

Huey Lewis is excited for his Broadway show ‘The Heart of Rock and Roll’, calls it a ‘salvation’ after major medical changes

Huey Lewis’s big break after hearing loss: ‘The Heart of Rock and Roll’ 

Iconic musician, Huey Lewis is ‘very excited’ to be a part of highly anticipated Broadway show The Heart of Rock and Roll, which opens on April 22.

During an interview with People magazine, the veteran performer spoke about his upcoming project and referred to it as his ‘salvation’. 

He said, “I lost my hearing seven years ago, so I can’t sing or perform, but I can do this. And boy, it’s been a salvation for me personally, and it’s really been gratifying.”

The renowned singer also mentioned the immense teamwork a musical requires although ‘rewarding’, he stated, “We’ve been working as a group for almost a decade now on this, and very excited to see it all come together.”

Lewis was diagnosed with Meniere’s dise­ase in 2018, a condition that affects the inner ear leading to vertigo and hearing loss. Apart from private life, the health change caused damages to Lewis’s career too as he could no longer sing or perform.

However, the show that talks about Bobby and Cassandra as they le­an on one another, chasing their dre­ams, turns out to be a bright spot for Lewis.

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