‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ actress Kim Tae Ri’s fans angry after agency’s statement

However, the statement seemed to anger fans even more as they criticized them

Twenty-Five Twenty-One actress Kim Tae Ri’s fans are upset following her agency’s statement concerning her ongoing controversy. The issue initially started when the actress asked her fans if they would like to provide a translation for her series without any payment.

Fans expressed their rage at the post, with one person writing: “No but volunteer work through youtube…?? And what’s more is that it’s an issue even if she donates all the profits off the youtube/ this isn’t talent donation but passion pay… but it’s not even passion pay it’s straight up payless.”

Her agency then released a statement, writing:

“Hello, this is management mmm.

We’d like to express our official position on the “So This Is The Place?” subtitle translations.

The vlog series does not generate any revenue from

advertisements or other means. We also do not equate an

individual’s emotions with financial gain. Since the

inception of “So This Is The Place?”, and as the work on the

English subtitles continues, Tae-ri’s commitment to her

fans has been the sole driving force.

The only intent behind the request for translation help was to make the vlogs more accessible to international fans. Despite our intentions, however, we acknowledge and deeply regret the unintended distress this announcement caused to numerous individuals.

We would like to emphasize that it was never our intention to take advantage of anyone in the process of making “So This Is The Place?”. When there were circumstances that required compensation, we ensured that it was provided in a fair manner.

We sincerely apologize once again for any distress our decisions may have caused.

Thank you.”

However, the statement seemed to anger fans even more as they criticized them for making excuses and not admitting their mistake. One fan wrote: “So if you aren’t making any money, does that justify asking people to donate their talents for free? Then why does marketing exist?”

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