US man ‘beheaded father’ using machete in gruesome details of murder scene

Justin Mohn is accused of beheading his father and showing the severed head in a YouTube video. — Facebook/Justin Mohn

Justin Mohn beheaded his father Mike using a machete as per new details revealed in the case, before he showed off the decapitated head on YouTube.

The gruesome scene of the murder has been revealed as follows:

The bathroom downstairs held a bloody corpse. There was no head on the man. In the bathtub close were a big knife and a machete. Soon after, Michael Mohn’s decapitated head was discovered by police in a bedroom adjacent to the bathroom, wrapped in a plastic bag and placed in a boiling pot.

Authorities at the time were unaware of a video that the man’s son had uploaded to YouTube featuring the victim’s head and words expressing anti-government sentiments and calls for public executions, even as the horrific and startling crime scene revealed clues, according to Phillyburbs.

Mohn, who shared a house on Upper Orchard Drive with his parents, was discovered armed on a military post and was apprehended by police two hours later in Lebanon County after they pinged his mobile.

Denice Mohn, Michael’s wife and Justin’s mother, leaves for work around 2:00pm. Upon her return, she discovers her son gone, the door unlocked, and her husband’s severed head.

When Justin Mohn posts his gory video on YouTube and holds up his father’s severed head, calling him a “traitor” after identifying him as a more than 20-year public worker, police estimate that the murder occurred between 2 and 5:30pm. The entire film is made up of right-wing tirades directed at the federal government and other left-wing organisations.

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