When Avengers’ The Winter Soldier & Falcon Were Roasted By Audience To ‘Spider-Man’ Tom Holland Just Sitting Back & Laugh Out Loud, Here Is What Happened!

Avengers’ Falcon & The Winter Soldier Roasted By Fans (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Marvel fans have always been known for having that extra bit of connection with their favourite stars that they often end up roasting them. Similar happened at a comic con event when Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie were answering fans’ questions. As Spider-Man actor Tom Holland actor was also present on the stage, all he did was laugh and stay silent as the friends of Captain America were getting grilled by young fangirls.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man made his debut in Captain America Civil War, where in his first battle, he had to exchange blows with The Winter Soldier and Falcon in the MCU. Following his on-screen appearance, these three Avengers cast members have shared quite a beyond. Notably, Holland’s viral comment about trolling Anthony’s Falcon movie has to go down as one of the finest blows.

In 2018, after the release of Avengers: Infinity War, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, and Tom Holland appeared at a Comic-Con. During an interaction with the fan, Sebastian Stan was shut down as a young fangirl said, “Educate yourself,” when he failed to answer who Tessa (Tom Holland’s dog) was. Tom Holland reacted and said, “You are making me look very bad, guys”. Sebastian replied and added, “You have a good time on the internet tonight. “

Following the incident, Avengers star Anthony Mackie joins the conversation and asks, “How do you know who Tessa is,” to which the young girl replies, “He posts about Tessa all the time. You don’t follow him on Instagram?” Later, the fan shares a message from her friend, to which the Falcon actor said, “you got a lot of friends. Where yo friends at”. The young girl clapped back and said, “Friends..maybe a term you don’t know.”

As the audience cheered shockingly, Tom Holland kept his face open as he ended up laughing. Anthony Macki gave a savage reply where he explained he does not have friends as he has a family. He asked you young girl to grow a little bit as she will get there very soon. Let us know what do you think about the Avengers actors being roasted by the audience.

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