Woman almost ‘becomes cannibal after biting chocolate with human finger inside’

The picture shows the human finger. — TikTok

A woman found a part of a rotten human finger inside a chocolate bar while taking a bite which she bought from the hospital canteen where she worked. 

The incident was shared on X — formerly known as Twitter — with the disturbing image of the human finger, according to The Sun Daily

The picture showed a black-coloured human finger with a nail. The chocolate was produced by a local manufacturer. 

“This is a reminder to check your food before taking a bite,” the post was captioned.

The Sri Lankan woman reported the shocking find to the health department in the area after which an investigation into the matter started. It is also believed that the Public Health Inspectors (PHI) have seized other chocolate products sold by the company. 

The health inspectors said that the woman had eaten half of the chocolate and put the rest in the fridge to eat later. When she decided to eat the leftover chocolate, she found something very hard when biting into it. 

Initially, she thought that it was a ‘fruit and nut’ variety, however, when the nut did not crack after biting harder she decided to check it by holding the piece of chocolate under tap water. 

The PHIs have also removed the particular variety of chocolate from the shops and will take the matter to court, as per Daily News

Social media users were disgusted and horrified after seeing the picture and wanted to know which brand’s chocolate it was to report to the authorities. 

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